Paige Coull

Paige Coull

Craft Cartel 2019 

The DaVinci centre 

109 Bay Street Victoria BC

Friday November 29th 5-9pm

Saturday November 30th 10am-5pm

Sunday December 1st 10am-3pm

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Terms and Conditions: * Electricity: The space is not equipped with individual power outlets. If you require power please make arrangements with the collective in advance and bring necessarily power bars and extension cords. We ask that you be considerate of the power supply, as we will be hosting bands that take up the majority of the power supply, as well as our own mood lighting. Cancellations: **Booth Fees are non-refundable** . Miscellaneous: All artwork must be handmade. Please make special attention to your booth set up, and showcase your work to the fullest. The Collective is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged goods/ personal belongings. R. You are not permitted to pack up early. If you do without permission you will not be invited to further events. As a courtesy to your customers and fellow vendors we ask that you keep your booth intact until the closing hour. You may not move your booth or encroach on fellow vendors. We have arranged the booths by size and fire laws for proper entrance and exits. You may use alternate displays ie shelving or clothes racks instead of a standard table but they must fit within your allotted space. At the end of the show we ask for help in discarding all garbage from your booths and that your tables and chair are stacked back in the closets.