Paige Coull

Paige Coull

The mix of glazed and unglazed portions, glass fused in thumb prints, hand-drawn patterns, and a seductive bottom makes you want to curl up and eat noodles on the couch.
— paige

about my work

 You can find Blackbird studios nestled on beautiful Gabriola Island; one of the many breathtaking Islands in British Columbia. Artist extraordinaire and owner Paige Coull creates her one of a kind pottery, made to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand with expert workmanship and thought. Each piece is unique, and offers a distinct Canadiana look to the design.

-chiganic 2016

about me

I live on a small gulf island in bc canada that i loving call my home. With my partner and darling twins Ary and Oden, my days are full of  excitement and wonder. We love to garden, swim in the ocean and explore the forest trails. I always have a project on the go, wether it be a renovation to our old home or a quilt that must be made.

I love to design, to build and organize all things. come visit, i'll give you a tour. 


made by hand

As a full time potter i practically live in my home based studio. Always developing and imagining new designs. As a teacher i open my doors to anyone who dares to dabble in clay. 

As an organizer, i host Craft Cartel, Roost and many other events around BC. 

i create, i teach, i explore.

Black Bird Studios is ope by appointment at anytime during the year.

drop me a line for to request a private shopping time or more information


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